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Published On: Sat, Jun 16th, 2018

APC Convention: Why APC Govs, Party leaders Are With Me -Oshiomhole

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Immediate past Governor of Edo state and aspirant for the post of the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Friday gave reasons why he is enjoying the support of APC governors and other party leaders across the nation ahead the June 23 National Convention of the party. Oshiomhole said majority of the leaders of the party are behind his aspiration because “they understand my person and because by the Special Grace of God I will emerge through a consensus leadership, my loyalty will be to the party and no more”. Speaking in an interview with newsmen in Benin, the state capital Oshiomhole who said he would exercise his “persuasive powers and negotiating skills” in resolving the crisis in the party, said that prominent leaders of the party are backing him because of believe that he will improve the fortunes of the party. He stated that, “If I have prominent people from the North, prominent people from the South, East and West it means I will be at the center.” According to him, “No one will say if not for my support you would not have been there. If you are a product of one section then you might remain detained by that section. But when you have the privilege of a broad support, from many leaders then no one leader will say I put you there you must listen to me.” “But let me also say that what is also qualitatively different about this support is that there is no question about what is influencing this support because conventionally in our political environment, we hear that those who have the deepest pocket tend to buy the support. But this support is being offered from people who cannot be procured which tells you it is flowing from the knowledge of my person,” he stated. Oshiomhole noted further that, “Because I have been fortunate to work with all the governors, including past governors. Those I did not meet in office I met them when I was President of the NLC, we had engaged so on one to one they know what I stand for. So they offered this support based on their understanding of my person and not inducement and that makes a difference”. He added that he was never a dictator as being alleged in some quarters and that, “some of the things I learnt in the labour union is negotiations and never dictatorial because even though I was the President of the NLC, I cannot even control my deputy because he was voted the same manner I was elected. In the NLC you must listen to everybody unlike in government where as an executive you can dictate decisions.” “So what my background prepared me for is to be able to listen and that is why in everything I kept saying contestation, disputes are not dysfunctional if you have the skills; that I have to manage divergences. I have never exercised dictatorial powers, I have always exercised persuasive powers, negotiating skills and those are my skills. And when I negotiate with you and persuade and you accept you will feel obliged to do what you have to do.” “But if I dictate to you, when I am not watching you will do your heart. So, I am not capable of being a dictator by the very nature of my background” he said.

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